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Posted on Apr 2019 by 6B Admin

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After working as an engineer on an oil rig for the best part of his working life, Ryan started his 6B journey as a Project Manager in early 2018.

A popular member of 6B, Ryan enjoys arranging game nights for the team, including just-for-fun poker and pizza nights and his favourite, Dungeons and Dragons.

Here’s more about our favourite Scottish team member!

You work as a Project Manager and have recently ventured into Technical Quality Assurance, which involves thorough testing of all our website and database systems. What does the average day look like for you?

The best thing about working as a Project manager and Technical Quality Assurance is that there is no average day. I spend a lot of time talking with our clients about what challenges they face and finding the best way for 6B to help them.

When I am not with our clients, I spend my time briefing the development team on the projects ahead and testing through the development that has been completed.

I like to make sure it is the best we can possibly make it.

What is your proudest achievement whilst working at 6B?

The proudest moments for me at 6B is seeing the difference we can make to our clients.

It is not just another website to our clients, it is new stage for their business. Seeing how much our work helps them succeed becomes a great motivator for me.

Being invested in each project as much as our clients gives us a real purpose. Hearing about the success of our clients makes me feel proud to have been a part of it!

What are your goals for 2019?

For 2019 I will be fully moving into my role in Technical Quality Assurance, which will be a new challenge. I feel I can really make a mark and bring a lot to the role for the benefit of 6B and our clients.


Tell us a fact about yourself

Before working for 6B I had worked and lived in a wide range of countries, from America to Russia and all around Europe, but I had never really been to England much.

Now that I am in England I have found out what I was missing and I love it here!


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