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Posted on May 2019 by 6B Admin

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Owen started out as an apprentice during 6B’s infancy, and has since become an important member of the team, in both Design and Front End.

Outside of work, if he isn’t out on the town showing girls his wicked dance moves, he’s in the pub watching football or participating in a variety of sports.

Here’s more about Owen....

You are a Web Designer and Front End Developer here at 6B, is it safe to say your day is a mixture of work?

Being able to both design and code, I find myself involved in most projects in some level. But my passion is design and I’m always given more creatively stimulating tasks.

What is your proudest achievement whilst working at 6B?

We worked on a football social media site that was a pretty massive project for 6B at the time, the designs were signed off straight away and we got the site launched in next to no time, I was proud.

What are your goals for 2019?

Do my Christmas shopping with plenty of time so I’m not wondering round the White Rose with a wicked hangover :P

What’s your party trick?

I am amazing for remembering dates, everyone in the office is freaked out that I remember their exact birthday.

Have you got a project in mind?

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