WDH Solutions provides services to ensure schools and businesses remain compliant with all their regulatory responsibilities leaving them free to get on with their day job. WDH Solutions approached 6B looking for help with a new bespoke CRM system, online customer portals, websites and digital marketing.

 As a leading service provider to businesses in Yorkshire the new digital platforms needed to be as accessible as possible, withstand large amounts of visitors and have the right secure infrastructure in place to keep growing.


Extensive research and scoping

As a new full-service client we carried out extensive scoping, analysing their current user base and typical user needs in great detail. At its heart, the platforms and websites are essentially a database of clients and documents so across the systems, websites and marketing we prioritised getting valuable information into the hands of their users quickly, efficiently and securely.

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Easy to maintain and grow

The bespoke CMS makes the fully responsive websites simple to update and the bespoke CRM is linked to the customer portals making managing large amounts of data both secure and a simple process for the team at WDH. Utilising a HTML, CSS and Javacript framework with some high-end PHP across all websites and systems ensured there is consistancy and the back-end systems are easy to maintain and scale.


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